Universal DSTV Remote Control

Universal DSTV Remote Control

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Key Features:Works with both GOTV and DSTV decoders, Strong, durable, reliable, portable, Parental Guidance – Allows you to specify the permitted viewing, Compatible with all MultiChoice, DS...
Key Features:
  • Works with both GOTV and DSTV decoders, 
  • Strong, durable, reliable, 
  • portable, 
  • Parental Guidance – Allows you to specify the permitted viewing, 
  • Compatible with all MultiChoice, DSTV & M-Net Decoders available

This is multichoice dstv remote control unit that works with all dstv decoder and go t.v decoder, although it dosent work with the latest dstv explora but it work with both new and old decoder series.The  DStv Remote Control can be used to replace your broken or lost remote control. There is no need to reprogramme it. It functions in the same way as the remote control that comes with the decoder. It is sleek shaped.

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